How to design a bedroom for a new generation of designers

Designer Michael McNeill shares his advice for designing a new style of bedroom for the millennial generation.

In his article, McNeill outlines the basics for a designer’s approach to designing a bedroom, but also outlines some guidelines for the bedroom design.

The guidelines for a bedroom design, he says, are:Make it comfortable.

The bedroom needs to feel comfortable to sit in, and McNeill suggests that furniture should be made to fit in with the decor.

For example, if a chair is being used, then the chair should be able to fit comfortably within the room.

Make the room bright and inviting.

You want to create an inviting space for your guests, McNeil says, and the light should be a mix of different colours and patterns.

The bedroom should also have windows and other natural light sources. 

Be bold.

McNeill suggests you use different types of materials in your bedroom, and he suggests using wood, stone, or plaster to create the furniture. 

In his blog post, McNeilly says that he has seen a lot of younger designers struggling with the idea of designing a house, and in his post, he shares some of his own creative ideas for creating a new bedroom. 

“I have had some pretty good ideas for bedrooms and it’s not just about the shape,” he writes.

“It’s about how the bedroom is created and how you incorporate the light into the room.” 

Make the design easy.

To help people understand how a bedroom can be designed, McNeal suggests that designers should include some of the following points in their design.

For example, he suggests that you should design the bedroom to be simple and easy to use.

Make the bed available for use. 

When the bedroom gets too large, McMeigs advice is to add a curtain, a lamp, and a curtain wall to the bedroom, so that it can be easily accessed by the guests.

Make it accessible.

Make sure your design is accessible to everyone, and make sure that it is easy to access.

He suggests that guests should be comfortable and able to move around the room in a non-creepy way. 

Give people the space to relax. 

McNeill recommends that guests have a safe space to be alone, and to be able relax in their own space.

“Make sure the bedroom looks like a private space and you make sure you have plenty of space to move about in. 

The bedroom should be open to the air,” he says.

“Do not make it too open.

This will make it hard for the guests to get comfortable and feel comfortable.”

The article is published on the Designing Home blog.


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