When it comes to fashion, there are no black-and-white choices

The designers behind the trendiest trends in clothing are still coming up with creative solutions for black- and white choices.

Here’s a look at five ways designers are embracing black-n-white, and where they think fashion could be headed in five years.1.

Nike Flyknit Nike Flyktrees are a great way to wear Nike sneakers with a neutral, modern look.

They’re lightweight and comfortable, but have a strong connection to the brand’s signature Nike Air range.

They’ve become an iconic statement piece for Nike and are one of the few styles that could stand the test of time.2.

Yves Saint Laurent A mix of black and white, this designer’s take on classic black and grey is a good fit for all skin tones.


The Bottega Veneta by Dolce & Gabbana One of the most famous silhouettes in fashion, this versatile designer’s latest collection is an homage to classic black & white.

Dolce, Gabbanas signature black & grey and gold and white polka dots feature on all of the pieces.


Marc Jacobs and LVMH-designed Dolce and Gabbans Dolce’s collaboration with LVM Hennessey on this collaboration has been a huge hit with fashion fans.

It’s not uncommon to see it featured in ads on television, in magazines and on the street.5.

Jil Sander We’re always looking for a bold, original interpretation of the classic look.

We’re not a fan of white, and this line from the French fashion house has some black-in-white on the heels.6.

Valentino Ferragamo This iconic designer is a big fan of black & brown, and the line has been selling out since its launch last year.


Michael Kors By far, the most popular pair of high-waisted pants from Michael KORS is a black-&-white take on a classic silhouette.

It fits perfectly for casual wear or a more serious look.8.

Michael’s and Marc Jacobs Black & white, black & silver, and grey have become the most common combinations of color in designers’ collections.9.

Louis Vuitton We’re definitely fans of the black & whites of Louis Vuites collection, but the line is getting more and more eclectic.

Here, the designers take inspiration from classic silhouettes.10.

Marc Guggenheim We love how the designer’s work is constantly evolving and evolving, so we can’t wait to see what the designer plans for his next collections.11.

Yeezy Boosts It’s always great to see a designer go black- &-white.

This collection is all about the silhouettes, and they’re both so modern.12.

Gucci-designed Yeezys have been gaining popularity in the past few years, but these black & gray versions are a hit with the masses.

This style is perfect for everyday wear.13.

Burberry The Burberry range is known for its bold and colorful designs, and its latest collection has a ton of black-white options.

It also looks great on the runway.14.

Burp A great example of black, white and grey combined, Burp’s range is perfect to pair with your favorite black-tie or bridal outfit.15.

Marc Andre Salvatore, Louis Vuitchy and Michael Kory are known for their work on the Burberry collection.

This collaboration has seen a ton and is perfect as an addition to any outfit.16.

The L’Oréal Collection The designer behind the iconic brand’s famous blush and lipsticks, this collection is a perfect blend of black&white, black&silver and grey.17.

H&M The designer of the iconic French women’s wear, H& M’s collection has been on the rise for years.

This year, the brand is expanding into more contemporary lines and a few new silhouettes have made their way into the collection.18.

Balenciaga There are definitely some interesting trends emerging in the women’swear world these days, and Balencsige is a standout in the space.

They look great on all types of skin tones, from a medium shade to a bold black.19.

Calvin Klein and H&m The designer duo has been making waves for years, and Calvin Klein has been one of their biggest names.

This summer, they’re adding more black-black and grey pieces to their collection.20.

L’Oreal The French luxury brand is known to be very hands-on with its products, and it’s no surprise that it is one of Balencements most popular silhouettes on the market.

It has some new silhouets this season, like the black-grey and black-blue.21.

Michael B. Jordan It’s easy to overlook Jordan, but he’s been one-of-a-kind in his own right for years now.

The designer is known as one of L’Asc


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