Study finds ‘a lack of knowledge about the potential of the space’

More than half of people surveyed in a new survey found the potential for new retail spaces in their local area to be lower than in a traditional retail space, according to a report released by a team of designers, researchers and academics.

The study, conducted by the University of Birmingham’s School of Architecture and Design and the Centre for Urban Design at The University of Nottingham, also found that “a lack or perceived lack of familiarity with the concept of retail in the UK” makes people more reluctant to take on a project, according the study, titled “The Retail Space and Design of Urban Communities: A UK-wide Survey”.

“It seems that the retail space and design that has emerged as the new paradigm in UK urban design is, in fact, a lack of understanding about the possible space,” the report said.

“As a result, people are reluctant to invest in this space.

It is therefore important that this lack of awareness be recognised and understood by designers and urban planners.

A lack of conceptual knowledge about what a retail space can be is often seen as a barrier to the design of new retail stores in the city, the authors said.

The findings of the study were published by the Urban Design Research Centre, a project of the University’s Centre for Architecture and Urban Design, in partnership with the University College London, the University Of Nottingham, The University Of Bristol, and the Royal College of Art.

The researchers said the survey also found a significant lack of information about how much retail space could be created in the future, as well as an increase in perceptions of the lack of retail space in the region.”

There are several key areas that need to be addressed,” the authors wrote.”

Firstly, the lack or perception of knowledge and expertise in the space is a barrier that is often used by people in the design community to explain why they are reluctant or unwilling to undertake new retail projects.

This is particularly the case when new stores are being planned for a local area, such as in the capital, London.

Secondly, a high proportion of people perceive that a lack or familiarity with retail in general has a negative impact on their local environment and on the development of the local economy.

And finally, people tend to overestimate the value of the retail market in their locality, and underestimate the importance of the market in the larger UK economy.

“While these factors may be factors that make people more likely to be reluctant or reluctant to undertake retail projects, they do not explain why people are hesitant to take a project into a new project,” the researchers wrote.

Despite this, the report found that people still perceive a need for retail spaces to be expanded in the local area.

“This can be seen in the perceived lack or lack of interest and knowledge of new projects for retail space,” it said.

“This may be due to the perception that a project could cost too much or that it is not possible to expand the local retail market.”

The report found a lack in knowledge about how to create retail spaces was not limited to the capital.

“Across the UK, there are several areas where people do not know what a space should look like or what it is meant to offer,” the study said.

“The UK is also a highly urbanised country and retail spaces are often located in the centre of a city or on a street.

In some areas of the UK people do know what to expect when they walk into a retail store, but many others do not.”

The study also found people in other countries tended to underestimate the potential value of a retail project, but the authors suggested that was likely because of the high level of ignorance in the international community.

“In addition to the lack in understanding of retail spaces, there is a high level in ignorance about the nature of retail as well,” they wrote.

“In this context, the knowledge that a space can create jobs, create value and generate economic activity is often underestimated.”

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