Designer glasses for pink nail designs?

The latest in a long line of design trends that are turning heads at nail parlors across the U.S. is a new trend called pink nail design.

It comes in a range of different styles ranging from a “stretchy” pink nail to a bold metallic nail.

The trend is being called “totally fabulous” and is a major draw for many nail artists.

“It’s definitely an interesting idea,” said Lauren Wyser, owner of the nail salon in Vancouver.

“You’re not only going to be able to do the nail design, you’re going to have a whole set of different accessories, so you can customize it as well.”

But, what is pink nail?

It’s a term coined by the designer Laura Kate Dale in an interview with Marie Claire.

“Pink nails are like an extension of your body, and their definition is ‘a nail with a pinkish tone,’ meaning a pink nail,” she said.

Dale also said that pink nails are used as an alternative to traditional gold, silver and bronze nails.

It is a very popular nail design that is seen in pop culture, including the movies Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.

Dale, who also founded Pinknails, has made a few designs and is currently working on a new one called the Pinknail.

It features a pink rose and a red rose.

Dale said she has used pink nail art in her salon in the past and that it is a popular design.

“There’s a lot of people who want to have something that’s a little more contemporary,” she told CBC Vancouver.

The idea behind pink nail was born in the U, and it’s a trend in Canada.

“We were just in the midst of all this pink nail fashion and it just kind of popped into my head,” said Wysers husband.

Wyssers husband, Scott, said that the couple was inspired by the Disney movie Beauty and The Beast, in which the pinky and pinky-tooth fairy prince was a pink, metallic nail art. “

That’s when I thought, ‘I think I’ll go for it.'”

Wyssers husband, Scott, said that the couple was inspired by the Disney movie Beauty and The Beast, in which the pinky and pinky-tooth fairy prince was a pink, metallic nail art.

They wanted to make a pink-to-metal nail design to compliment the fairy prince.

The couple created the pink nail inspired by Disney’s fairy princess Ariel in the shape of a pinky toothed dragon.

Scott said that their inspiration for the pink design came from a conversation with a friend about what they love about the Disney princesses.

“He was like, ‘Well, I love the pink hair and the pink clothes and the purple hair and pink shoes.

I love that,”‘ said Scott.

“And I was like ‘Well we should have that.’

I started thinking about it and I thought I’d make something with that as a theme, so that was my starting point.”

The design uses pink nail polish as the base and a metallic nail in the center.

The two sides of the pink and metallic nails have a pattern to indicate the pink color.

A pattern of a rose with a nail, and a pink and red rose, are placed at the bottom.

The pink nail has a red tip and a white tip.

The metallic nail has an orange tip and an amber tip.

“The design is very much inspired by that Disney film, so I thought it would be cool to combine that with the Disney Princesses and make something that could be worn by anybody,” said Scott Wysermans wife, Laura.

“If you want a pink theme for your nails, this is your nail.”

It took a lot more than nail polish to get the design off the ground, but it was a successful project.

Wysesers husband says that their business is now in its second year.

“In the beginning we had a small staff, but the last year or so we’ve really grown,” said Laura.

They say that their customers have been coming to the salon for more than a decade.

“They are really enthusiastic and they’re loving it,” said John Wyserman, the owner of Pinknains.

The nail salon has since opened in Vancouver, British Columbia, but is now expanding in Vancouver and Ontario.

“This is something we’re excited about and we’re looking forward to it becoming a permanent part of the shop,” said Lisa Wysergens husband, Andrew.

“Our customers love it.

We have a huge following and they all love it.”

While the pink theme is a hit with nail artists and salon owners, it’s not the only trend to pop up recently.

“Pink nail designs have been a huge success,” said Kelly Brown, owner and founder of the Canadian Nail Designs and Designers Association.

Brown said that she has seen a huge increase in interest in nail designs with nail polish and nail art inspired by pop culture.

“A lot of nail art is being created by designers using pink nail arts,”


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