Embroideries designer bags sale: The biggest selling quarter ever, in one graphic

Designers are selling their design kits on Etsy for a record-breaking $9.4 million.

Etsy, a platform where designers can sell their work for a flat fee, sold nearly 1.2 million pieces during the first three months of 2020, the company announced Monday.

The highest-selling design kit was the $3,000 Embroidered Mitten, which sold 2,800 pieces in its first three days on Etsy.

The highest-grossing graphic design kit, the $2,600 Flower Design Kit, sold 2.5 million pieces in the same time period.

A full catalog of the Embroiders best selling design kits can be found here.

The first batch of the $1,000 Rose Design Kit sold 1.5 thousand pieces in two days on the platform.

Etsy is also offering a new, more premium Embroided Mitten kit, with an additional design that’s been developed with the designer.

The Embroidden Mitten was designed to be a more elegant piece that fits in the purse of a woman.

Etsy describes the new design as a “symbol of a feminine style.”

The Embroids design kits have become a popular seller, with over 1,000 different kits on the marketplace.

The design kits also feature a large number of colors, which makes them an excellent way to customize your own designs.

The top-selling graphic design kits are: The $4,800 Flower Design and $4 to $4.25 Rose Design Kits, both available in both white and gold.

The Rose Kits are a gold-finished version of the Rose Kits, with two different patterns on the front and back of the design.

The Flower Kits are both white, with gold trim on the sides.

The most popular graphic design is the $5,000 Flower Design Kits.

The kit has a rose design on the back, which is the same pattern as the Rose kits.

The flowers on the top are different sizes and shapes, so the Rose Kit is a bit of a “mini” version of that design.

Etsy’s top seller, for the quarter, is the new Embrooded Mitten with a gold finish.


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