‘We’re not looking for hate’ at @DNC, Trump says at the top of the party convention

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said Sunday that the Republican National Committee should stop using a hashtag campaign designed to “stoke hatred” and “disrespect” minorities.

“We are not looking to do anything like that.

We’re not going to do it,” Clinton said at a news conference in Orlando, Florida.

“We’re going to have a platform, we’re going do it in a respectful way, and I think that’s the way it should be.”

“I’ve been a strong supporter of the Republican Party for a long time.

I’m not going anywhere, I think it’s just that we don’t have a voice.

We can’t have an inclusive party anymore,” she added.

The convention in Orlando marked the beginning of a four-day convention that will include the vice presidential debate and the party’s national convention.

Trump and Clinton will take the stage at 9 p.m.


Clinton said she did not support the RNC’s use of the #DNCinCLE hashtag during the 2016 campaign, but has said she is willing to work with the RNC.

“It was a mistake,” she said.

“I think they’ve made a mistake, and they need to correct it.”

The RNC’s strategy to encourage hate in the name of the convention is part of a larger effort by the party to stoke racial tensions at the convention.

“The RNC has made a very clear commitment to ensure that this convention will not be about race,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said in a statement.

“It will be about how to unite our party, grow our economy, and ensure that we are as strong and as inclusive as possible.”

“We have to show up to the convention in a way that we can all be proud of our nation, in a time when it feels so dark,” McDaniel added.

“This is an opportunity to unite the country in a sense that the country can come together as a community, and that we have the right to express our views.”

McDaniel said the convention will also highlight issues of inclusion, diversity and inclusion.

“When we are united, we can fight for a country that is truly built on our values, and a country where we can truly be proud to be Americans,” she continued.

“And when we are proud of who we are, and we can show it, then we can build a future that is just as great.”

The convention kicks off on Friday with a “unity” rally, and the RNC has scheduled a video-recorded town hall to be broadcast live on its website.

McDaniel also said that the convention could be a time to “reframe the conversation about the future of the Democratic Party.”

The video-chat portion of the town hall, which is being hosted by a conservative website, has been criticized for being insensitive and racially insensitive.


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