When the world gets blue, it might just be you

With millions of people using nail polish for their nail art, it’s easy to forget the more subtle, often more subtle things that go into nail polish designs.

That’s where Gina K’s design company, Blue Nail Designs, comes in.

The company is based in New York City and specializes in creating elegant nail art designs that are simple, yet stylish.

For example, in one of the designs above, the blue outline on the nail is not just the outline, but the design of the nail itself.

“The reason we wanted to do a blue nail design is to highlight the idea of the blue color,” K says.

“When you look at blue, you see the outline of a nail.

When you look into the nail, you can see the blue.”

It’s a visual that goes beyond the blue theme and is one of K’s favorite ways to use nail polish.

K’s nail art design was designed with the help of a colorblind person, and the results are stunning.

“I was inspired by people who were wearing nail polish,” K explains.

“If you look through the eyes of someone who doesn’t have colorblindness, they see the nail as a color.

So, I wanted to show that even if you have a color blindness, the nail still makes a difference.”

The inspiration for the design came from a different person than K. K was approached by an artist in her 40s who was inspired to create a design for a baby doll she had designed for her son.

K, who is a mother herself, knew that her son would appreciate her design and wanted to share her inspiration with him.

After creating the design with her son, K found that she was also inspired by the same person.

“She told me, ‘When you paint your nails, you’re creating a visual, and you’re trying to show how you think.

You’re showing the things that you care about,'” K says of the artist.

“And so, I knew that this was the perfect time to use the inspiration I had.

It just felt like the right time.”

The company also uses colorblind individuals to help make the designs.

K and her design team were able to create an eye-catching design with the assistance of an individual who was born with a color-blind condition called blue-green color blindness.

“Blue-green is a condition that causes people to have a tendency to focus on colors,” K tells Business Insider.

“It affects all people of color and is associated with a whole spectrum of experiences and attitudes.”

The colors used in the designs include bright red, pink, blue, yellow, green, yellowish blue, purple, and purple-purple.

The blue nail designs are available online at Blue Nails, and can be purchased for $30 each.

The designs have received praise from customers, including one customer who posted a photo on Instagram of the nails with the caption, “I LOVE THESE.”

The designs are also being sold at nail art shops and online at www.bluenails.com.

K says that she has received so much feedback on her designs that she is trying to keep her ideas a secret.

“Some people are just very kind,” she says.

And other people, like one customer, have expressed a desire to order the designs in person and order a sample of each one.

“There are people who are actually interested in getting a sample, and they are also interested in knowing what the colors are,” K adds.

“You can find these in nail shops.”

If you like the designs and would like to share them with your friends, K says you can order a blue-nail nail art print or an eye patch.

“But, I would advise that you be cautious with these things,” she advises.

“Because you can lose your privacy and your trust.”


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