Men’s Designer Jeans

Men’s designer jeans are becoming more and more popular. 

This year’s men’s designer denim line is available in a range of colours and patterns, with a focus on premium materials and a high quality manufacturing process. 

The line was launched in late 2016 with the introduction of the brand’s iconic, double-breasted, slim fit, and was one of the first to incorporate the ‘L’ shape in its designs. 

As well as offering a range, there are a variety of other styles available to choose from, including classic and classic fit. 

There are also some very versatile styles available in denim colours and styles, such as black and tan. 

 The latest line, which includes a number of fabrics, is available exclusively in Japan, and will be available through online retailers starting in the second half of 2018. 

Read more about designer jeans here. 

What’s in the range? 

Men’s Designer jeans range includes: Black/Tan – a dark grey colour – $140- Black, Black, and Tan denim – available in black and black- and tan- – for men and women – 100% cotton- (all fabrics are 100% combed, no stretch or elastic) – 6-11.5 oz (152-203g)  – 30% cotton (estimated weight is 8.5oz/195g) – Lace – made of 100% polyester-  (sizes are available in 3 different lengths, available in 4 different colours) Available in black, tan, grey and black, the range includes an assortment of colours, with the first offering a dark, black colour (the ‘Black’ colour is currently unavailable in Japan). 

Read the full range  here.

What are the colours? 

The range features a range of colours, which can range from black, black, and grey (available in black/black) to grey, black and grey (available in grey and grey) (black and black) and even a dark black (black, grey, black). 

Black – Available in black and black, this is the most popular of the range. 

Grey – This is the least popular of all of the colours. 

Black and grey are the most common colours in the design, but they also offer the most stretch. 

Gray – The colour grey is also a popular choice for the range, and is available in black and grey. 

Granite – Granite is a dark shade of grey, and has a grey tone to it. Dark Grey – There is a darker grey shade to this range, available in grey and grey. 

Navy – A dark grey shade (also available in grey) available in white (grey)  and black (dark grey) for men, and black (Grey) for women. 

Red – Another dark grey colour, available for men in grey and black. 

Cobalt – Cote d’Ivoire black  (Cote d”Ivoirre) is a colour that has been used by the French royal family in French-made garments since the late 19th century. 

Ivory – Ivory is one of many rare earth metals, used in many of the latest and most technologically advanced clothing brands. 

Silver – Silver is a light-medium brown shade available in blue and silver (silver)  (available in blue and black). 

 Black  – Available in grey  and black. 

Tan  – Tan is a black colour. 

A dark grey, tan colour.

Black (Black) Black (Black) Black (Black). 

Grey Black (Grey) Black Grey Grey Black (grey). 

Tan Tan (Tan) Tan (tan). 

Nova – Nova is a shade of black.

Black (Nova) Black Black Black Black Blue (Blue) Green Green (Green) Yellow Yellow (Yellow) Red (Red) Gold Gold Gold Gold (Gold) White White (White) Pink Pink (Pink) Orange Orange (Orange) Brown Brown (Brown) Grey White Grey (Grey). 

Light Grey Grey Light Grey Dark Black Purple Purpurpurpur (Purpur) Tan Green Yellow Purple Purwhite White


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