Zentangle design inspired by classic beach designs

Zentangles are popular in the beach world and can also be found on the beach at Walt Disney World Resort.

They are often used as beach chairs and can be found in all kinds of styles.

I am going to show you how to make your own Zentangled chair.

These are perfect for relaxing and looking at the ocean from the air, just like the ones from the classic beach chairs.

The sandal and floral designs look great and can easily be customized to match your needs.

Start by creating your own sandal.

To start with, cut out your own white floral print and make it a custom pattern.

For this tutorial, I used the white floral pattern for my sandal, but you can use any color you like.

For my sandals, I decided to use a red one for the white print and a blue one for my floral print.

To create the pattern, you can cut a line of white fabric that is about two inches wide and one inch deep.

The lines of fabric should be about an inch apart.

Then, start drawing a rectangle.

For the white, make the rectangle with the white fabric.

For your floral print, you need to draw the outline of the floral pattern with your fingers.

For mine, I made the circle with my thumb.

To make the pattern bigger, draw a line on the larger rectangle.

You can make the lines longer or shorter.

To complete the pattern on the fabric, cut two more lines.

Then add more lines to the fabric that form a circle.

For each line of fabric, make a diagonal line.

This will form a perfect circle.

Next, you will want to make the sandal seat.

First, cut your sandal so that the fabric inside is about an inches larger than the top of the seat.

Then make your sandals seat from your white fabric, using the same lines as the white pattern.

Then, cut a rectangle that is at least an inch wide and a quarter inch deep for the sandals seats seat.

To do this, use your fingers to draw two lines on the bottom of the sandaling seat.

Now, using your sewing machine, sew the lines on both sides of the fabric.

To finish the seat, simply attach the two lines to your seat.

Once you attach the seat to the sandaled fabric, sew it to the seat using your seam ripper.

For a complete look at sandal designs, check out this video.


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