Which designer can design a best-selling app for Rs. 1,000?

On Wednesday, a day after his designer slides app was launched, Shashi Kantan decided to try his hand at a new one: the best-seller.

The first-time visitor to Shashi’s website was shocked to see that he was a “designer slide” who created an app to sell wallpapers and wallpapers.

The app, titled ShashiKantan, was launched on January 21.

The app, which is a design-by-committee, features an app store with more than 150,000 apps.

Users can create wallpapers, make wallpapers by themselves, share them, and more.

Users also can create the app and share it with their friends and family.

On January 23, the app was released in the app store for Rs 1,500.

It quickly sold out.

However, it wasn’t until he was asked by the website to create a new app and sell it for Rs1,000 that Shashi started to experiment.

“I thought I might sell it if I could just do something for free,” Shashi told BusinessLine.

On Wednesday, January 25, Shashank Kantan opened up a new store, called Shashi Kanta, with the app at a price of Rs1.99.

The developer said he had sold over 100,000 downloads of the app.

He said the app has now sold out, but will continue to promote the app through social media.

“I am happy with how things have gone.

People have responded well to the app, so I feel like we have hit our goal,” he told Business Line.

Shashi Kantans app was initially launched as a wallpapers app.

However his first attempt was a little sketchy.

The user who submitted the app’s idea did not realise it was a wallpaper app.

After Shashi went through the app to try it, he noticed that it was completely empty.

“So I decided to just make a free app and upload it on the website,” he said.

Shashank uploaded the app on January 27 and the app quickly became a popular app.

“A lot of people have downloaded it, which has made the app very popular.

People like to share their ideas and they want to see how their idea is turned into a product,” he added.

Shreshank Kantans biggest selling app is a wall book, which sells for Rs 2,999.

He also sells a wall calendar app for the price of $1,99.

He sold 1,800 downloads of his app.

Shashi said his app is now on 1,600 downloads.

“The most important thing is that the app is free and everyone can use it,” he stated.

Shishabh Kantan, the owner of Shashi is one of the most successful designers in India.

He started his career in advertising and now designs for various brands.

He was also a designer for a fashion brand and had also created a music app.

His latest app, ShishabhaKant, was created in January 2015.

“There are a lot of good designers in the world.

It’s just a matter of who makes the best app,” he explained.”

The problem with this app is that it’s too easy to make mistakes.

I hope the people who download it will not make them,” he concluded.


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