Which is better for you: henna hand or nail polish?

Fox Sports is currently airing a two-part special featuring two women who are the best-selling brands in the world, which will examine the difference between henna and nail polish.

In the first part, a beauty consultant discusses the pros and cons of henna.

She says: “Nail polish is a great product for the hands, because you’re not worrying about the oils, but you’re still touching the skin.

So I’ve tried henna a lot, and it doesn’t feel as good for me, so I’m not that into it.””

It has a nice shine to it, but the oil and it’s drying, so it really just doesn’t work for me.”

So I’ve tried henna a lot, and it doesn’t feel as good for me, so I’m not that into it.

“In the second part, the ladies take on nail polish from the makers of HennaHand and HennaNail.

A makeup expert explains: “Nail polishes are very popular with women.

They’re super comfortable, so they’re also great for the skin, so when you’re putting them on you’re really putting on a layer of shine.

“But then you’re also going to put a layer on top of it, and that will make it very hard to work with, and you end up with a lot of breakouts and itchy spots on the skin.”

So what are the pros of hennas? 

“Nails have a great finish and feel, but they’re not hydrating,” says beauty expert Joanne McLeod.

This is because of their oils.

The nail polish industry is growing so fast, it’s estimated that there are now more than 100 million people worldwide. 

“But there’s some drawbacks too,” says McLeod, who is also a makeup expert.

“They don’t give you the same protection against the elements. 

Nail care is also really important.

It has to be done properly, because henna is very watery and it gets dry.””

When you have to use henna, you’re going to use a lot more product.

It’s really difficult to apply and then wash off the product.

You’re going through all the ingredients,” she says.

For some women, it can be hard to choose which nail polish to use.

“For some, it may be better to just use a henna product because they’re more comfortable to use on their hands, but for others, it might be better for them to use nail polish that is formulated with the best ingredients to give them the most protection,” McLeod says. 

What is henna?

“Henna is the oil of a plant called henna,” says makeup expert Joanna McLeod from Lancôme.

It’s used in beauty and home care products, and is also used to make nail polish and nail art products.

As well as making nail polish, henna also comes in a range of other products, such as hand lotion and eye shadow, as well as perfumes, cosmetics and scrubs.

In the US, hennahs can cost up to $20, but some brands, such the Sultana House  (in New York), charge more.

“The beauty industry is going to get a little bit more competitive, and the products that are coming out of the US will have more bang for their buck,” McLean says.

“I think that the cost will go down and that the brands will have a better product and it will also encourage more people to try henna.”

But there are some downsides too.

According to the International Council for Cosmetic Research, “the main risk is the chemicals that are used to produce henna are more toxic and carcinogenic than those that are found in natural nail polish”.

It warns that these chemicals can cause skin irritation, skin cancer and reproductive problems.

“They are also known to contain fragrances and other chemicals which may be more irritating to the skin,” the council’s website says.

“These chemicals can have a long-term effect on the human body, including the formation of cancer and other diseases.”

So, if you’re looking for a nail polish or nail art product that’s more affordable, you can get by with just a couple of ingredients.

“Nailed nail polish is pretty good,” McGlone says.


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