Why we love our tattoos

A tattoo designer’s life is full of surprises.

But there’s also the unexpected.

Tattoo artist Mark Loeser says he always has a list of things he wants to design for his clients.

He has to find ways to make the tattoos on his clients unique.

“The biggest thing I have is, I have a very strong vision of what I want to do with the tattoo, but sometimes I don’t know what that is,” he said.

Loeser has had a few tattoos, but this one has caught his attention.

He was working with a client and decided to try a new design for their baby clothes.

“He asked me to do a tattoo of a horse on his shoulder, which I think is kind of a little bit weird.

But then I thought, well maybe that’s what he wanted,” he recalled.”

So, I took that idea and made a horse tattoo with a horse in it.”

Loesers family is very much into horses, so the tattoo is a reflection of that.

The tattoo is on the right shoulder, but it is very detailed, with a small amount of fur around the horse.

 Loesering said he does not have much of a reputation for his designs, but he is confident of how he will make his clients happy.

But he says he is not always so lucky.

Some of his designs are just too cute for the average tattoo artist.

In this case, the horse was a little too close to the edge of the design, so Loesering had to do the opposite and made the tattoo right on the shoulder.

Loeserer said he hopes his designs can become a trend in the tattoo industry.

“I think that’s a big part of it, just that people are going to want to see these designs and not just just buy them, and just try them on,” he explained.

His tattoos are also meant to inspire.

Because they are so unique, the designs will often have a subtle message that the tattoo artist hopes the client will remember.

“If you’re going to have a design, I want it to inspire,” he added.

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