‘The End of the Road’: Trump’s War on Science

Trump and his allies are in a tizzy over the possibility that climate change may actually be a threat to human life.

And Trump has been in a race to the bottom on his efforts to combat it.

The latest headlines from the world of science, politics and technology are below.

Read moreRead moreA major report released Tuesday by the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering on climate change shows that the planet’s average temperature has gone up about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century, and that it will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

In the past 100 years, the Earth’s average global temperature has increased about 1 degree F.

In the report, scientists wrote that it was too soon to tell whether humans are the main cause of this trend.

“It is clear that human-caused global warming is now a real, if uncertain, risk, with the consequences being both global and local,” the authors wrote.

“We now know that humans are indeed the dominant cause of climate change, and a new generation of scientists are increasingly challenging the consensus on this issue,” they added.

The report also shows that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have doubled in the past 50 years, and have remained high at more than 400 parts per million (ppm).

The authors said that they would be surprised if the increase in CO2 levels were driven by a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the report warned that humans’ contribution to global warming was still small, and it suggested that it could be possible to mitigate the impacts of the warming by reducing emissions from the power sector.

It also pointed to the possibility of more severe weather events, which could cause economic damages.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump called the report a “massive job killer.”

“You’re looking at the damage that could be done, and I think that’s a very big thing,” he said.

The president-elect said that the report should have been released more than a year ago, but that it took a “political witch hunt” to push through it.

“They got it wrong.

It’s been a big, big mistake,” he told the Journal.

Trump also said he is willing to consider new legislation to impose a tax on carbon dioxide emissions.

The president-eptembert told the paper that he would consider “any kind of tax that’s fair” on carbon emissions, including “a carbon tax.”

But in an interview, the president- elect suggested that he is not ready to put the brakes on climate policy and said that he thinks there is a way to deal with the problem.

“I would like to see what we can do.

I’m not a believer in carbon taxes,” he wrote.

“And I’m certainly not a supporter of any kind of carbon tax.

And I would have to see how it plays out.

But I think it would be a big job killer for the country.”

He also argued that climate policy needs to focus on the “tipping point” that scientists say will occur if CO2 continues to rise, and not on climate denial.

“The problem with climate change is that it’s a problem that’s going to get worse and worse and more devastating, and we’re not even at the tipping point,” Trump said.

“The real problem is denial.

The real problem right now is people who deny the science.”

He added that he doesn’t believe there is “anything left to lose.”


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