How Indian companies are responding to a ‘post-apartheid’ climate

A company with a history of creating global brands has made a bold move by turning its focus on helping survivors of domestic violence.

Alcohol maker Alcoa has launched the Global Impact Team (GIT) to tackle the issue of violence against women globally.

The team is made up of senior women and men who have taken a lead role in shaping the company’s response to domestic violence in India.

The focus is on empowering women and girls.

The GIT will work with the UN on its “Ending Violence Against Women” programme.

It will also be working on an online platform to provide training and support for survivors of sexual violence.

The global campaign aims to make it easier for women to report and seek justice for violence against them.

The aim is to make the Indian domestic violence industry “more accessible, accountable and safe” for survivors.

The women will also collaborate with their partners in the industry to help ensure they get paid for their work.

“There is a need for more women to be part of the conversation around domestic violence, particularly among young people.

We are seeing a huge increase in women coming forward and saying they have been assaulted.

We know that the stigma of the situation is very high in India,” said Arvind Bhattacharya, managing director and founder of Alcoas India, the company that is India’s largest producer of ethanol and natural gas.

He added that women are also at a much higher risk of domestic abuse than men, because they are much less likely to report it.

“We are trying to do something for them that is not only a good business opportunity for us but also a way to do good for women in India.”

Women’s rights are also an issue at Alcoam.

The company has been facing pressure from its female employees over the issue in recent years, and it has also faced backlash from the public.

It has faced criticism for being too focused on corporate profits, and the company has since pledged to change its approach to address the problem.

But Bhatticharya said Alcoos focus on the issue has also led to a new era of empowerment in India for women.

“I think the people are much more willing to acknowledge it.

The government has been working on it.

They are making it a bigger priority,” he said.

Alcoas is also taking its fight against domestic violence to the UN.

Last month, the UN launched a two-year campaign to help end violence against Indian women, which includes a specialised team that is based in New York, in a bid to change perceptions about the issue.

The UN is also encouraging businesses to provide financial support to women in need.


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